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I have a now little over 2yr samsung 52in. flatscreen that my husband and I both spent alot of time and money deciding on before we purchased.

About 6mo. ago I noticed 2 white dots on the screen. 2 days go by, I discover 2 more white dots. We now have over eighty white dots on our once beautiful TV.

It makes it very unpleasant to watch. We been told that the spots are caused from dead pixels. We have called and sent letters to the Corp. requesting some sort of refund or another TV with no avail.

This TV is embarrasing for us to even turn on, the picture is so horrible! We cant afford to spend another $1600 so we watch most of our tv on the 24in Sanyo in the rec room.

It may not look as glamorous as a 52in flatscreen but at least it still works. No more Samsung anything!

Product or Service Mentioned: Samsung Electronics Tv.

Monetary Loss: $1600.

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