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This is the letter I have been struggling with the so called Customer Executive Relations department. I have called them several time and have written to them as well, below is the e-mail I sent to supposed Presidents Office, which generated a call back from Samsung saying the same old garbage:

"To Whom It May Concern,

I bought a brand new 60" Samsung TV Model: UN60EH6003FXZA, Serial: Z6A33CDCB02615A from Best Buy in Conroe TX on 11/25/2012. On 02/08/2013 (76 days later) the TV would not turn on and all you would hear is sound. I called Best Buy only to realize that my 60 day return time frame has expired. My only resort was to call Samsung back because the TV is still under the one year warranty, I was fully expecting an exchange to be offered due to the extremely short time frame of ownership. Instead I was treated (by the Executive Customer Relations) like I have had this TV for a sizable amount of time, I agreed to a technician to come and check the TV, the check revealed defective panels, essentially the techincian would have to rebuild my entire TV. The technician agreed with my sentiment of not wanting to keep a TV like this and wanting a new replacement considering how new the product is. I decided to call the Executive Customer team again on 02/12/2013 and again I was given a robotic/generic answer, "the product has to fail more than twice for us to replace it", "it must be un-fixable for us to take it back". No consideration towards customer sentiment was given, this TV was 76 days out of the box when it stopped working, I would not want to own such a TV for the long run, I do not trust it now. What will I do when it fails after the one year warranty expires? Would it make sense for BMW to tell a customer "we'll just have to try and fix it" whose engine and transmission has failed 70 days after he/she bought the brand new vehicle from its dealership. Frustrated, with no TV since 02/08/13 I called the service company back on 02/14/13 and have asked them to fix it, the service company does not have the parts and will call me when they arrive. Even if they fix the TV, like I said I will not be satisfied, I will be vary of the product, thinking when will it fail next.

This is my first Samsung product ever, I have always bought Sony. I went against a true and tested product and chose a Samsung because of the good things I have heard about your company and its products especially the TV's. My experience as you can see has been quite the contrary, however, I am a reasonable person and do understand that in manufacturing there is a certain % of product that will be faulty. What I did not expect was Samsung to not be able to discern the difference between a 76 day old product and even a 6 month old product. I am very disappointed and only want whats fair. My Customer Executive Relations Transaction number is: 1109719316. I look forward to a fair and prompt resolution which in my eyes is a replacement of TV with a brand new one.

Yours Sincerely,"

Monetary Loss: $1400.

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Brooklyn, New York, United States #667793
you are just unhappy because your virgin tv has now been tainted with a repair and you want an exchange tv now.
aww, poor baby is suffering from buyers remorse.
BMW isnt going to replace a defective car either dummy.
go back to india and go suk on some curry sauce.
to   #668099
Actually, my brother-in-law bought a brand new BMW 5 series which had serious electrical problems, one after another within the first 3 months of ownership. The car spent 25 days at the dealership undergoing repair and tests.

BMW finally relented and ended up replacing his vehicle with a new one. This was 2 years ago and his new car has never had any major issues except maintenance.
People like you are just plain amusing, instead of being a racist little ***, think before you open your *** pie hole. Go back to the zoo and suck your mama's ***!

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