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Bearing failed after 3.5 years. Had it repaired, a complete rebuild.

The failure happened again after six months. Just had it rebuilt again and it still makes gridinding noise and shakes. Some kind of balance issue. The machine sounds like a freight train during the spin cycle.

I have had two complete rebuilds and still the samsung VRT FRONT LOAD CONTINUES TO FAIL DURING THE SPIN CYCLE. I have had 6 different techs work on it the last six months and still it will not function properly. Junk and never again will I buy a samsung product.

AE repair SVC said it is hard to find and get parts for samsung washers. Not sure why the waranty co keeps paying to repair a product that can't be repaired due to the poor quality of replacement parts that samsung provides.

Review about: Samsung Electronics Repair.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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You mention that the unit is still under warranty and it's now approximately 4 years old.

It's good that it's under warranty. This suggests additional warranty coverage is aiding you in getting the unit serviced.

Hopefully I can provide some insight. Most warranty providers use a three strike rule for determining when and if a product is a "lemon" and just needs to be replaced. In essence this means that there must be verification of a product failing three times with the same problem within a given time-frame. This doesn't mean that the consumer claims it fails, it must be verified by a service technician.

Service must then be performed on the unit to correct the problem. If the product continues to fail in the same way the additional two times, by the fourth time, the warranty provider is USUALLY ready to call it a lemon and replace it outright. So, it's important you keep documentation of each service call and the work that's done on the unit. What I've listed are basic guidelines and not necessarily the way every warranty provider will handle the servicing of your unit.

It's why the place that handles your warranty can be so important.

As a comment, I might suggest being extremely careful to not use anything other than HE labeled detergent. If you're trying to use traditional detergent in an HE unit, the seals can be compromised and, you guessed it, the bearings become damaged.

It is truthful that Samsung does have a difficulty in getting parts for their appliances.

It's nearly impossible to stock every part for every appliance so service technicians commonly keep the parts that are more common, but then order those parts as needed. In many cases, they're going half way around the globe to get them for Samsung.

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