6 month old washer displays error code AC6. Software error that samsung DOES NOT have a fix for.

Instead of taking care of their customer and sending me a new unit which would resolve my issue in a matter of days, my only option from Samsung is to WAIT! My repair has been continuously pushed back as they don't have a way to fix this. Customer service has been horrible - hours spent waiting to talk to a supervisor.

My entire home is BRAND NEW high end Samung appliances. My phone is Samsung.

After paying the prices that I have paid I would expect better service - to go without a washer and with no fix date in site is unacceptable. I was told that I would have to be without a washer for over 30 days before they would even CONSIDER sending me a replacement.

I will be spending my money elsewhere and only hope others do as well.

Location: Melbourne, Florida

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