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Dear Pissed Consumer,

I'm writing to you in regards to a never ending battle with Samsung. My complaint was just a tad longer than your new organized form allowed. This is regarding Samsung.

1/4 of the Samsung products in my home have worked. In 2008, I purchased the "top of the line" 46" LCD TV for around $1700, the "top of the line" glass top range stove, a 40" LCD TV and a recent replacement LED TV for my 46" + $250. With this said, I will get in to detail about my anger toward Samsung.

The first problem:

My 2008 46" LCD TV (model #LNT4661FX/XAA) started having problems with the left side of the screen going in and out for a few minutes at start-up, and then would be fine for a while when the TV was on. This started back in 2010 and it was an ignored issue; starting it then doing a chore and then returning to the TV. At the end of 2011, it became an annoyance as the TV would not display a normal screen. The left side of the screen was dark and warped as the right side remained normal. It was like having the darkest contrast on one side and the lightest contrast on the other. I did some research on the matter and found several hundred people had identical issues and some solutions were available. Most of the solutions contained calling Samsung, and that's what I did. My intial call was to the regular customer service and they set up a service ticket so a local repair shop could contact me and be able to determine the issue. I received that call after 2 days and after the first few words I said, the contracted service tech knew exactly what the problem was and what the fix would be; a replaced panel. He advised me of the outrageously high price to repair the TV which was $700. He explained that I would be better off purchasing a brand new TV. I took to the internet on Feb. 7, 2012 and tried the online chat service provided by Samsung and spoke with "Daisy". I told her the issue with my television, the fix as well as the numerous same issues that I found online regarding my exact model. Everything she typed sounded like it was word for word from a step-by-step guide written for the agents. I explained everything in the first message to her and the majority of the questions asked was already answered in the first paragraph, confirming my theory that customer service agents read, but don't listen. *I worked in the airline industry for 8 years and provided excellent customer service while watching others fail at treating the customer like they were the only passenger.* I'm assuming that the online chat is for rookies, or green horns. Daisy spent several minutes trying to answer my other questions; at max, I waited 6 minutes before receiving an answer without a "hang on" type message from her. At the end, she began going thru the typical troubleshooting guide. Unplug the TV, plug it in a new outlet, browse thru different inputs, reset the DVR, etc...the stuff everyone that knows how to work a remote control knows. I finally ended the chat realizing that I was only wasting my time. On Wed Feb. 8, 2012, I made a call into Samsung around 1:21p and after explaining my issue for several minutes I was transferred to the Executive Customer Relations (ECR) department. Tiffany was the agent I had talked to and she informed me of the out-of-warranty exchange program they have. She set up a ticket for the exchange department to call me back within 2 business days and we would discuss my options. I waited until Friday, Feb 10 at 4:11p to receive a call, which I didn't, so I called them back wanting to get an answer before the weekend. I spoke with Cedric in ECR and he reassured me that I would be contacted by beginning of the next week. He said that the exchange dept could be busy and he thought that they were working overtime. Monday, Feb 14 at 10p I went back to the online chat to check on the status. I was connected with "Ursula". I began typing to her and once again, the agent didn't listen. A while into the conversation, she mentioned that the exchange ticket was cancelled by ECR and also cancelled by the exchange dept. That wasn't a happy thing to hear. She said I would have to call back the next morning to speak with them. I asked her for the ext number (which I received from Cedric a few days before but lost it) and she said she couldn't find it and that they don't have access to any inside numbers...of which they use to transfer customers. I asked her to check with a Sup or Manager and she claimed she did and that they didn't know either. Ursula also mentioned to me that their policy with 2 business days is actually 48 business hours; on a 12 hour work day, that would be 4 days. I was quite confused by this since "2 business days" is the only thing I saw. I highly believe this to be false. On Tuesday, Feb 15, I called back to Samsung and was immediately transferred to Kimberly in ECR. I explained that the ticket was cancelled and she confirmed. She proceeded to help me out and physically walked over to the exchange dept to inform me of an option for an exchange. The exchange was going to be for an 46" LED TV (model UN46D6000). I would have to send my TV back along with paying $250. This was the cheapest model of their LEDs which was a little upsetting seeming that I paid for their "best" model in '08. But, I was happy that they would do an exchange. Kimberly was by far the best agent that I had talked to at Samsung and completed a task which took 2 customer service and 2 other ECR agents to do. The shipping was 7-9 business days from California to KY which ended up taking almost 2.5 weeks. This was extremely frustrating to have this issue taken care of in just about 1 month. I received the TV, set it up and was impressed by the picture and size. Not even a month later, the screen starts malfunctioning on this unit. I have made my call on Mar 27 regarding the issue and have another exchange ticket set up for the exchange dept to call me back. As you could imagine, I am pissed. I would figure that the cheaper model would have an issue with it and I asked the ECR rep, Alex, what he could do about a different method of shipping and a newer model (the 7000 series) TV and he said he can't do anything. I just wish that I could receive the same "best" TV on the market now, that I purchased in '08.

Third issue:

My flat range top stove that I purchased in '08 has a display screen that is going out. Most of the lines of the digits don't work anymore and Samsung said it would cost about $400 to fix. I don't know what it is about the Samsung products we purchase. They claim to be a top brand and it shows in their purchase numbers. Is it my bad luck with electronics and appliances? I haven't had anything else break...Samsung won't do a "one-time" courtesy fix on it and I know it's a simple fix. They can even send me the digit board and I can find a way.

Between Samsung support's lack of knowledge, lack of listening to the customer and lack of a reliable product, I am forced to write this review. I want to save others from having to deal with terrible customer service like what I went through. I will keep you update on this journey of the replacement for the replacement TV.

I appreciate your time for reading this, and I look forward to hearing back from you.


Matthew Koziatek

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