I am an unsatisfied customer. I purchase two plama TV 60'' and 50".

My 50"stop working I contacted the company for repair because I did not have a copy of my receipt they did not fix the TV. I call a private company who in tern tells me tv cannot be fix. how can a company like samsong to make a plasma tv with a life span of 3 years. I looked in the back of the television it was manufacture in 2010 therefore this TV is not even 3 years old.

Why would a consumer receipt for a newly manufacture television be needed for repair a product your company should stand behind. the sad thing is when I call to report my problem they completed a servey based on the phone conversation not on the product sold.

Iam asking for samsong to replace the television if not I will be twiting my story so people can be aware when they purchase samsong tv. please reply.

Review about: Samsung Electronics Tv.

Monetary Loss: $499.

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Vandalia, Ohio, United States #664229

Samsung warranties, like most TV warranties, are good for only 12 months...from the date of purchase, not the date of manufacture. I checked online, and that is Samsung's standard warranty. Did you buy it brand new? If you bought it secondhand, the warranty does not transfer in most cases.

$499 for a 50 inch plasma? Doesn't sound quite right...especially 3 years ago. Even today, Amazon lists a number of Samsung 50 inch plasma TVs and they are all $650 and above, with the exception of a 720p...1080p is now the standard. Three years ago, a 50 inch plasma would have cost a lot more than $499 brand new.

A TV can take a lot of abuse even in 12 months, much less 3 years. Did you purchase an extended warranty from the store where you bought it? Even those usually add only about another 12 months. Did you have it plugged into a surge protector? If not, fluctuations in electrical current or even a lightning strike can render a TV useless and non-functional. How often was it on? All day? All night?

Any piece of electronics can have a long, or in some cases, a shortened life for a variety of reasons. Granted, 3 years seems like a short time for a TV, but it's not uncommon. But, it all depends on how much "abuse" it takes along the way.

to verydave Marina Del Rey, California, United States #677253

SAMSUNG TV's, as well as all digital TV's sold today do not last for very long. We bought a Haier TV and it worked for 3 months!!

Two suggestions: buy from AMAZON or another online company so the sales receipt is available online and AMAZON is also very helpful with helping customers with product disputes. From my own experience when I buy on AMAZON I also but a "SQUARETRADE" extended warranty at a very reasonable price. Watch for a similar extended warranty at other online stores.

I also must add that paying with PAYPAL for online purchases gives you another option for dispute resolution. Check it out.

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