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My 7 month old Samsung Infuse Model SGH-I997 mobile phone started turning itself off after being attached to the charger and/or the computer. Once the plug was removed the phone would either power up on its own or I would have to turn the unit back on. The purchase date was May 28, 2012 through Amazon.com.

On January 3, 2013, I contacted Samsung customer service and sent the phone in for repair under repair ticket number 4117532029.

Samsung denied my warranty claim. Samsung claimed the phone suffered corrosion damage due to exposure to moisture. This claim was untrue since the phone has not been subjected to any moisture other than the humidity of the atmosphere.

The phone operates fine other than the charging problem. I just change batteries to continue use. I purchased a spare battery and a stand alone battery charger.

If the phone had true water damage then it would not operate at all.

I'm disappointed to find there is no appeal process to contest this decision by Samsung. It seems Samsung pays a guy in Texas to say all the phones have moisture problems to same millions of dollars in repairs.

Any moisture problem is actually caused by a design flaw from the manufacturer.

If this connection bay/port is subject to moisture damage from only exposure to the atmosphere then Samsung should have protected the bay/port in the design of the phone by having a rubber cover or door like many other phones.

The phone cost $300.00. That money is now wasted on a worthless phone since Samsung has refused to honor their warranty and has designed a defective phone from the start.

Samsung has made a false claim about moisture issues to avoid their responsibility. Buyer beware. Avoid Samsung products. You will not be treated fairly.

Review about: Samsung Electronics Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Update to the post above. Samsung did reconsider and directed me to send the phone to Texas a second time.

As a result of the second trip the phone was repaired under warranty.

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