I have a defective Sam-sung Blue-Ray Disc Player, (BD-P1600), which needs to be either exchanged or repaired. I Spoke to Dennis (a Representative of Sam-sung) back in Nov of 2010; I was on the phone with this young man for over an hour discussing my warranty plan. I made sure that I did not have to pay any type of fee for shipping or repairs. Dennis assured me that we did not have to pay for anything, (he was a very helpful and polite technician) I told Dennis that it would not be worth it if I had to pay, because the device is only worth $103.24 dollars, and it's not cost effective to pay for half of what it's worth for repairs, if that was the case, then we are better off buying a new and different model.

I bought this Blue ray 4/26/2010 from Best Buy store #187, Dennis assured me that if I produce the original receipt that Sam-sung would take care of the shipping costs both ways. I faxed my receipt on January 15th 2011, and I finally got a response from Sam-sung about my warranty.

Best Buy finally helped me produce a copy of my original receipt on January 15th 2011, I was contacted by Sam-sung Help Center on January 19th 2011, 2:50pm and this is how my case was handled by the Sam-sung customer service representative that called me at home.

My conversation with Felisca went like this:

I just received (January 19th 2011)finished a call from a service technician ( Felisca, she claims that's her name ), and she told me that shipping would only be paid when the malfunctioning merchandise is shipped from Sam-sung to the owner, and that I would have to pay for another shipping fee separately. I informed Felisca that another service agent ( Dennis ), informed me that if I faxed a copy of the original receipt that they would first send my family and I a package that contained all shipping and handling fees stamped on the outgoing package.

This was not the case, the service representative Felisca would not communicate (she would not bother to access my file) with anyone else about my case. I asked her to please check the recorded conversation that Dennis and I had back in November 2010. Felisca said that it's not her department and she could not get a hold of Dennis or anyone else from that other department.

So I asked her if I could "please" speak to her supervisor, (she said his name is Steven), Felisca was very defensive when I asked to please speak to her supervisor. She said, " that he only handles receipts and not anything else!!." I then asked her if I could speak to anyone else (I spoke to her very politely, you can ask for the recorded conversations that we had on January 19th 2011 at 2:51pm), Felisca was very defensive and said; "I DID NOT GIVE YOU MISLEADING INFORMATION!! WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO TALK TO MY SUPERVISOR!!" I then told Felisca that it was not her that gave me misleading information but that it could have been Dennis that misinformed me. Again I asked if I could speak to someone in charge but she continued on asking me what is this regarding, " I said that its regarding a complaint " she said he does not handle complaints, so I asked her to please connect me to someone that handles complaints, she said who is this regarding so I can give him the message, (that did not make sense). I said OK fine, it's regarding my complaint about my receipt, and she said that he is busy and I told her that I would wait. Felisca was very defensive and annoyed that I needed to talk to her supervisor about her conducted regarding customer service.

I then asked her again if I could speak to someone that's in charge there, but she continued to say, "that Steven only handles receipts and nothing else" I then told her that I have a complaint and I need to speak to someone that can do something about it. Then she put me on hold for 3-5 minutes and she returned to the phone and said that he was busy and that we have your contact information and Steven will return your call. It has been over an hour and I believe that no one will return my call regarding this incidence.

Sam-sung should hire better Customer service representatives, and they should screen the representative's attitude towards other human beings.

I will be taking future action in this matter regarding my treatment by Sam-sung Customer Service representatives. I will make sure that Samsung keeps their promise when it comes to their warranty and customer service.

A very Dissatisfied Customer

Monetary Loss: $103.

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