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Today i called Sam sung again,I swear it's like there herding cattle over there, she didn't remember my name after she just talked to me about my piece of *** 350.oo dollar surround sound unit. i bought the first one at wall mart and they one was defected, returned for a new one and this one keeps messing up, i sent it in two different times to get fixed,the repair guy must had a hang over because he scratched my unit all up,they want me to send it in for a 3'rd time to fix it, they couldn't get it right the first 2 times.

they tell me since i did not pay the extra 20 bucks when i bought the *** thing i cant get a replacement for one that's not broke,If they can put out a decent product they wouldn't need to charge people extra 20 dollars to make right what should have been right in the first place, plus there rude as ***.

plus i can never get a *** representative that speaks English,so i can never understand anyone half the time. samsung treats there costumers like ***.DON"T BUT THEIR ***!!!!!!!!!

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