Wiggins, Mississippi

I purchased a 61 Samsung TV almost 4 years ago...It has started having white spots all over the screen...it started about a month ago with white dots and now it has over 30 white dots. I've been on the phone with Samsung several times and they have informed me that because the TV is out of warranty the repair will cost almost $400.

I have spoken to many people with this problem with their Samsung TV and they did not have to pay for the repair. Samsung has admitted to using a defective chip in their televisions. If they used a problem chip in their TV and are repairing other TV's why am I the only person that is being charged for this repair?

I'll never buy another Samsung Product and everyone I know will be informed of this problem and poor customer relations on Samsung's part.! Pissed in Louisiana

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First of all please accept my congratulations for lousy experience bestowed to me as samsung customer both with product and with service centre.

Some time back I bought Samsung Galaxy Tab. I am not satisfied with the working of device. Following is List of problems

1> Device hanging, stop responding to anything, all buttons unresponsive, this was common problem in first month

2> Auto Switching off without any reason, happening same for at least 40-50times a day for last 2 weeks

3> Battery level suddenly drop to zero from mid 60's or 70's level

4> Cannot open applications like gtalk, linkedIn, market, Samsung apps, when ever i try using those I am directed to google login window and never succeeded in loging from there, while I am using gmail account thru browser everyday.

5> No skype application available

Despite repeated emails to their concerned people NO HELP coming from any person.

Kabul, Kabul, Afghanistan #357296

Most appliances are now throwaways. You got four years service.

Buy a new one for cheaper than you paid four years ago. But, do NOT buy a Samsung.

They are apparently made in somebody's garage in China and I do not think they are well-made nor are they dependable. Check reliability ratings at consumer sites.

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