Don't buy SAMSUNG Galaxy S2 mobile phone it is rubbish and the repair center will never repair it nor give you a replacement.

specially in the Middle East region

I have recently purchased Galaxy S2 mobile phone after a long time waiting to be out in the market. Uninformatively it was faulty despite taking to the repair center more than 4 times within one week of purchase. still they will admit its faulty.

I would like to start a campaign for the poor services and ignorance from Samsung customer services towards its customers

finally don't buy a product because it the best buy a product because they care for the customers.

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If you want a gorgeous display, then look elsewhere. About 1/3 of Samsung Galaxy S2 phones have some sort of defect in the screen or display.

I know this since this is my second phone with the same defect, and lots of other people have mentioned this in blogs and forums. Don't waste your time and money.


I wish to add samsung is cheatting by selling defective good

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