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Three years ago I purchased a Samsung TV because I was assured that Samsung would stand by their products and made a quality product. Was I ever wrong. The picture and quality were great, even at the cost (near 3,000 dollars) but the service has been horrendous. The TV was slow to turn on from time to time and now, three years later, the LCD panel has gone bad. The panel costs at a minimum $800 not including service charges or taxes.

I contacted Samsung support and was basically told that they can either charge me out the wazoo to fix the TV or I can just deal with it. They were pushy and not apathetic to my problem. You would think after being a long time Samsung customer that loyalty might be rewarded. Instead I feel like my money has been stolen for a defective product and laughed at by Samsung. If this is how the company is going to treat their customers then not only will I never buy a product made by Samsung, but I will push my friends, family and everyone else away from deciding to purchase a Samsung product.

After spending near $3000 for one item to only have it be completely unusable after three years of sparse use, I am extremely disappointed in the product, the company and their representatives.

Review about: Samsung Electronics Tv.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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