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I purchased a Samsung refridgerator Nov 21, 2016. It is the model with built in "tablet" .

$6k unit. We also purchased the 5 year extended warranty. We have the PREMIUM CARE! 866-371-9501

Almost immediately we had issues with the icemaker.

By Sept 2017, the icemaker had to be replaced.

Feb 4, 2019 the unit quit cooling. We contacted Factory Warranty Services as instructed by Lowes. Nobody showed up to "diagnose", but said they were ordering parts. By Feb 15, 2019 we contacted Samsung.

They sent a technician from Service Quick out of Columbus Ohio, and on Feb 25, 2019 a new compressor was installed and new coolant charged.

On June 15, 2019 the freezer stopped working and a day later the refridgerator was warm. All food was a loss, and the ice maker stopped working. Of course it was the weekend. So today I called SAMSUNG at 0830hrs.

I spoke with "ROY" .

He issued a ticket number 4150422176 and sent it to Stafford Repair, even though I had told him the compressor was replaced by Service Quick. At 1500hrs, I saw an email from Stafford, and they had "rejected" the repair ticket.

I called SAMSUNG again at 1502. This time I spoke with "Juan". He issued a ticket: 4150396977 to Service Quick CSP.

I called Service Quick and spoke with "Shaniqua". She told me that SAMSUNG did not approve the repair as warranty and transferred me back to SAMSUNG.

At 1518 hrs, "Ishaboo(?)" tells me that we will have to pay for the "diagnostic" trip!!! She tells me the second ticket number was for someone else! (I have the email)!

(Now, let me digress. We paid for a 5 yr extended warranty...but the MANUFACTURER warranty for the compressor is 5 years! SAMSUNG sent Service Quick to repair it in Feb under warranty!) I told her I wanted to speak with a supervisor.

After 46 minutes on hold, I poke with supervisor "Francis". It is now 1600 as Service Quick is closed, so now I know I am not going to get an appointment booked today.

I explain the history of this unit, and that I do not believe we should pay for a "diagnostic" trip! He said the last repair was only good for 90, yes NINETY days!!!!!!

He then transfers me to some "team" (I did not get the name because I could not understand him.) I then get a message I will be called back, my place in the que is 3 HOURS and 51 minutes!

When I bought this refridgerator (my husband and I are retired, and bought new appliances for retirement) we also purchased: a dishwasher, range, washer and dryer, all SAMSUNG. On March 12, 2019 the bearings had to be replaced in our dryer. I also note we have 3 Samsung TV's and 2 SAMSUNG cell I think we qualify as good SAMSUNG customers, but this is ridiculous!

I just read now, that the ice maker is on a recall and there is a class action that is just great!

Now, in the time to write this, I just got an email, while I am waiting for this call back that my ticket was CANCELLED!!!

I should not have to go through this!

Horrible customer service. I am disgusted!


Product or Service Mentioned: Samsung Electronics Refrigerator Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

Samsung Electronics Cons: Refrigerator, Poor design of the product, Customer service, Being run around, Warranty.

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Lisa J Parker

After many back and forths, and visit from a technician who confirmed the ice maker issues and the compressor issues were really caused by the same problem, SAMSUNG gave us a store credit at Lowes to choose another refridgerator. We chose an LG.

(another customer was in Lowes and having issues with their SAMSUNG fridge and icemaker) The new refridgerator came into Lowes Sunday July 14. They can't deliver until tomorrow, July 19.

We have been 6 weeks without refridgeration in the summer. At any rate, it is taken care of, and I will never purchase another SAMSUNG again.