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My fiance and I bought one of Samsung's 3D Blu-ray entertainment units on Boxing Day of 2012 when it came up at a really good price. We have only had this unit for 9 months but we first had problems about 4 months into owning this piece of ***.

According to Samsung's """AH-MAZING""" tech support (i.e. people who unfortunately have had to take a lot of my wrath because they receive no formal training other than how to copy and paste Samsung's FAQ over and over again...), this entertainment unit has a frequent problem of overheating (if it's so frequent, I'm not sure why it hasn't been resolved yet in production.) To protect itself, it will shut off randomly. The first time I contacted tech support, the fine gentleman on the other line told me to GO BUY A FAN TO PUT BEHIND IT. Genius.

I mean yes, lets spend more money to fix a problem that I have never had with entertainment units 10 times as old. Wonderful. That was literally his only solution. Not to mention we have already separated the unit from any surrounding units.

It is in a little cubicle on its own with an openly ventilated back, none of the wires touching each other on the unit itself and it is propped up on a wire cooling rack from our kitchen. After all of this we STILL have to place ice packs wrapped in bags on top of it when it overheats. This thing has been a never-ending problem. I can't even get 40 minutes into a movie without it shutting off every ten minutes from then on.

It is INFURIATING. I contacted tech support a second time online because even though their website clearly states that they have a 24-hour telephone service line, they were "closed" for the day. After getting the run-around for about 20 minutes I finally got the lady to agree that the unit needed servicing. I expected something a little quicker and more convenient than "send off your unit with UPS and we'll return it when its fixed." I'm sorry but I don't feel like waiting for 5-7 weeks for the *** thing to be fixed.

I didn't have the time to send it off for about a week after speaking to the rep, so naturally they cancelled the order. Great. Now if I want servicing again I will have to go through the tech support bull for a third time. I really don't feel like wasting hundreds of dollars more on a replacement system, but at this time I'm feeling like that is our only option.

I tried to submit a review to Samsung's website, only to have them decline it because it "violated the terms of use", but after reading through every word of those terms I've concluded that Samsung is being a whiny *** that doesn't want anything remotely negative said about them. Sorry, just trying to prevent others from wasting their money. I will not EVER be buying a Samsung product again. I have also already been having issues with my Samsung phone I've had for barely over a year and my fiance has been having similar troubles with his phone.

Unbelievably *** products and terrible customer service. 0/10 Do NOT recommend.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #731251

Samsung support is absolutely atrocious in Canada. I had a blu-ray player die after playing a grand total of 3 movies on the 13th month.

My Galaxy S3 died after 14 months. Like a robot, no matter how many times you scream at them on the phone, e-mails, and even in person (there's a retail store in BC), they just regurgitate the same line: "Sorry, nothing we can do".

Meanwhile, they secretly fix these known issues in the US even when out of warranty for some reason. My guess is fear over litigation.


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