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HELP! We have had our Samsung DLP TV for 2yrs 11months when all of a sudden white dots started to appear on the screen.

Does anyone know of a recall or a lawsuit that is going on so we can join. We Called Samsung and they just basically blew us off and told us our warranty was up and there is nothing they could do. I even spoke to the manager at Samsung. We still have a copy of the reciept and a transaction record.

I have a photo and a transaction # that shows I contacted Samsung.

Someone anyone with info please e-mail me. Thanks

Product or Service Mentioned: Samsung Electronics Tv.

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I have the HL61A750 I purchased in 2008. I did not get any offer for a new chip.

I called Samsung and they stated that this model is not under recall and would not be repaired. I would be liable for an "out of warranty service call" if I wanted it fixed. They would not acknowledge that this TV had a chip problem and stated there are no issues with this model.

You only need to put the model in google to find a plethora of people with white dot issues. I am now awaiting a supervisor to call me back within two days.


Samsung is aware of bad DMD chips being sold as part of defective nature over a couple of years. They only fix certain models free of charge because they sold many of them and have HAD a certain quantity of these chips on hand (spare parts).

They no longer offer free replacement on HL61A750 models. So next time you buy Samsung HD TV make sure you purchase a DMD chip that you will have to replace a few years later.


I have 61 inch Samsung bought in March 2010,called Samsung last Thursday Sept. 12 2013 and Service Tech came Sept?

17 2013 one time fix ...FREE!!!!!! Had about 10 dots got home just as he finished and works great no dots! Also i had no warranty!

My bad.... it was purched in 2008 March years old!


Mine is model HL_T6176S Fixed it one time fix free,today Sept 17 2013. it was bought in March 2010 and had no warranty!Replaced chip.


I have white dots all over my television.... I've also contacted Samsung....

Mine of course is not one of the models that they are fixing for free. A CRS made the mistake of telling me that if I was firm enough with the escalated customer service rep, that, in the past people have gotten their televisions repaired, free of charge. I commented without cursing, on their Samsung TV USA.... even responded to other posts, my experience.

They banned me from posting or commenting on their page. Nothing says, You're right... wer're wrong... and we don't care....

like banning a customer who has lined their pockets. My new television is on order....

It's NOT a Samsung... nor will I ever purchase anything from them again.


I was having the same problem in the beginning of the year and I called 1-800-SAMSUNG and the representative said that it was covered under the white dot issue and that a technician would be sent to my house in a couple of days. The technician came and replaced the DLP chip at no cost to me and I was happy about that, but now here it is 3 months later and the dots are back!I just got off the phone with Samsung rep again and she said same thing, "technician will be there in a couple of days at no cost" Wondering if this is gonna be a routine... :roll


I just spoked to 2 people regarding my problem. They refused to give me their Emp ID. Their names were Kenya A. & Gervarya. " Oh your particular model was not recalled ". But yet I am having the same problems with the white multiplying dots as everyone else. I would never buy a Samsung product again!!!! :cry

Please address as complaints to:

Samsung Electronic Services

Office ot The President

David Cho

85 challenger Rd

Ridgefield Park, New Jersey




I am having the same problem with my 60in Samsung. How can people pay this much for a TV and have these problems less than 2 yrs after purchasing it?

THe TV I grew up with in my family's home is still working.

:( I purchared it at Conn's in Baton Rouge. Can someone PLEASE send or leave the number to the right people to talk to about this problem?


Just called Samsung - no push back at all - technician coming in 2 days to fix for free - DMD chip problem.

Samsung HL-T45675S

8) 8) 8)


My 50 inch DLP began getting the infamous white dots. I called support and was told my model HL50a650C was not part of the recall.

I complained to higher ups and they told me they never received this complaint with my model, but agreed to send a new chip if I would pay to have it installed. The repairman showed up and installed the new chip. This replacement chip had more white dots then my original.

This apparently is not as rare as I was told. The repairman put my original defective chip back in my tv.


Like I said before, this design was a prototype at best.


How much for the repairman?


I had the same problem with the white dots on my tv, I called Samsung, they recorded the model number from my tv then sent a technician out within a couple of days, they fixed the problem at no cost. I am extremely pleased with samsungs response.


What size? What model? What age?

Samsung was fixing some LED Engines on some later models with the same bad design but not others.

This post smells like a Samsung Shill Review.

I wouldn't recommend or buy any Samsung product ever again.

Samsung has the worst customer service.


I'm going to call tomorrow. I hope I will be as pleased with results as you are. Keeping my fingers crossed.


My mom's TV is experiencing the same problems. White dots on a 50'' TV that seems to multiply daily.

Thought about calling Samsung parts (3rd party provider) because I was sure the warranty was up and the TV need a new lamp. I decided to try calling 1-800-SAMSUNG and was quickly helped. They told me its a common problem and Samsung would offer a one-time fix free of charge. Set up an appointment with repairman with 24-48 hrs to replace chip.

if chip is not problem we would be charged for visit.

I guess i'll be happy when we find out if its the chip or not. Good luck ot everyone.

@Happy but more aware now.

I had the same problem didn't know wat was wrong with it,,till I read ur comment and finally decided to call Samsung after several months that my TV was just sitten in my room,,so thanks to Samsung my TV will be getting fixed free of charge,,,cause it was a chip that these older TVs r having these problems so thanks Samsung :)

@Happy but more aware now.

I had the same problem didn't know wat was wrong with it,,till I read ur comment and finally decided to call Samsung after several months that my TV was just sitten in my room,,so thanks to Samsung my TV will be getting fixed free of charge,,,cause it was a chip that these older TVs r having these problems so thanks Samsung :)


Same problem, white dots on DLP just started and seem to be spreading. Called Samsung and they quickly acknowledged the issue and admitted it was a common problem, but said that they would do nothing about it since out of warranty.

They referred me to a local repair company.. couldn't hardly get Samsung DLP w/ white dots out of my mouth before they jumped in and said I had a bad chip and quoted a price ($450). Obviously a widespread issue.. easy google search produces plenty of results...

but nothing you can do. Amazing how you cannot even get 4-5 years out of a TV these days. Typical garbage service these big companies offer.

New TV in my future, wont be Samsung.


HL61A750 Models also 61" seem to be in their no-cover list!

If you have a 2008 model or later, you won't have coverage. Not to mention that the 4 year warranty purchased at Best Buy kicks on and parallel to manufacturer's warranty. We are making these guys rich with all the piece meal robery approach!

Cannot recommend Samsung, but cannot recommend Best Buy either, one with a law-suit and the other one about to go out of business.