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Buyer beware of offers from Samsung North America Service. We bought a suite of Samsung kitchen appliances and when they were delivered the dishwasher had a ding on the door (admittedly a small ding but since it was new we wanted it to be perfect).

The delivery driver called Samsung for us and explained about the door ding. He then handed the phone to my wife so that she could talk to the Samsung Representative. The rep. was very friendly and offered to have the door replaced by a Samsung Certified Technician and for our inconvenience they would offer a $300 damage allowance if we accepted the delivery.

We were thrilled with that offer and gladly accepted. 3 weeks later and we still have a dinged door, no credit and no repair person that will come out to replace the door. It seems that the technicians wont replace the door because they feel that Samsung wont pay them for it. Great company, right?

After numerous attempts to get this resolved the best that Samsung will offer us now is a refund of our purchase price after we have rendered the dishwasher unusable and provided proof of this (via pictures). Of course given their track record of reneging on the previous offer we have no intention of destroying the dishwasher and then hope that they will actually make good on the offer to refund the purchase price. Even if they would refund the purchase price we would have to pay to get rid of the dinged up unit and then purchase another one at a much higher price (since we got a good deal by buying the set). We just spent an hour and 45 minutes on the phone with them and got nothing but a run around and what seemed like a lot of lies to get us to accept the refund offer.

We were supposedly bumped up to a supervisor and then the supervisors boss (I dont believe he was her boss!). We purchased an extended service plan on the refrigerator but are now left wondering whether they would even send out a tech to work on it since the excuse Samsung has given us as to why the door isnt being replaced is because we are out of the service area (doubtful since we live 15 mins from the University of Michigan). If you still feel the need to buy Samsung Appliances look them over really well before the driver leaves and if they arent up to your standards refuse the delivery.

Once the driver leaves youll be left out in the cold because Samsung doesnt care about its customers! If anyone has suggestions on how we can resolve this please let us know.

Product or Service Mentioned: Samsung Electronics Dishwasher.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $629.

Preferred solution: We would like the $300 damage allowance that Samsung promised.

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