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Rent A Center Samsung Electronics Galaxy Note 4 Cell Phone Review
Got me and my wife used note 4 phones for christmas this year...i was assured that they had been gone thru and checked phone wont charge. The charger gets so hot you camt touch wifes phone was never cleared and had *** downloaded on it...her...
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Anonymous Hello, I work for Rent-A-Center. This definitely sounds concerning! We'd like to look into what might have happened and see if there's anything we can do to help. Please give ...

The phone that I bought is Samsung Galaxy Note 4. I can't believe that they are cheating their customers. I also call them big lair. It took me a few hours in two days to talk to my provider to find out what is the problem on the phone that I bought from
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  • Big lair
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I bought a Samsung Note 4 from Best on upgrade for $199.99 plus tax. The next day I went into Best Buy Store on Mexico St Denver CO with my new phone and they suggested instead of upgrading as I had done that I pay $746.14 for the same phone and save $20/month...
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