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My Samsung Galaxy Note 5 under battery was inop calling many times with issues to the company. Finally a new phone replaced under warranty. Surprise to me when my phone was returned to me stating that it was sent in cracked (((i don't believe this)) And now i have to keep both phones still paying on the older phone and a charged me a fee of $619.00. No recourse!! I will be dropping Att, Directv and their internet asap. I am a Customer Service...
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On April 21, 2016, I went to the Verizon Wireless store in Conway, Arkansas and purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note 5, which totaled around $400.00. Around September 7th, I noticed I had a purple spot on the phone. About an hour later, more purple spots appeared on the phone. This was late at night, so quite naturally, Verizon Customer service was closed. I contacted them first thing the next day. Upon speaking to the first representative, she...
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I bought a Samsung Note 5 phone for my son and it would not allow GPS to install Pokemon Go. I was told this is NOT a real Note 5 as I was sold and this is fraud. The box was marked GOLD and it was a black phone as we had ordered. But when I contacted them they handed me a bunch of, "did you contact seller", or, I will issue a form to establish a resolution" pile of garbage. DO NOT BUY from them. They are from China and scam American buyers. I...
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