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Straight Talk Wireless - Samsung Electronics Galaxy S 3 Cell Phone Review from Fairview, New Jersey

Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy S3 Purchase Info: Bought New from Wal-Mart from Straight Talk (ST buys bulk from Samsung w/o warranty and sell direct to consumer through Wal-Mart). All ST phone issues are direct to them. Complaint: purchase new July 20, 2015 well elderly mother was lifeflighted to UAB Hospital in critical care unit. My previous model galaxy charging port was not working so I had to run and purchase a phone quickly. I wanted Samsung Galaxy S4 but the Walmart only had the Samsung Galaxy S3. Cost of phone $300. Went back to hospital and called ST and changed service to new phone. I lived at hospital for 14 days. Within the first day I began having issues with the S3. It would power down come back up for no reason, freeze up, voice recognition wasn't working properly, would not run 3G with 4 bars signal. Phone constantly dropoed to 1x. Useless to get online and cannot play a video and on and on. But I realized I had to live with that until I could leave hospital and return the phone. I made it back to the Walmart store on day 18 from purchase and was told that only have 14 days to return the defective product instead of the customary 30 days on electronics. I contacted Straight Talk reps, was first promised that they would refund or give credit on phone due to my circumstances so I could go and purchase an S4. I was afraid to have another S3 after all the technical issues experienced. I was then given a phone no. To call and a code That was supposed to issue me a credit when I called that number they told me oh no you can't get credit and all we can do is exchange your new S3 for a refurbished S3.....really. ST continue giving me the run around after I called them and contacted their support on 15 occasions. Each time being promised they would make this situation right. ST LIED and dragged this sitiation out for months then finally told me well it's been too long you purchased it 6 months ago to which I told them I've been dealing with you guys since day 18. Straight Talk screwed me out of $300 and refuse to do anything about the defective phone. I've been went online and found that while most S3s are good. There have been many reports of S3s having all the same glitches with this phone. The issues were well documented. I called Samsung directly and was told they sold bulk to ST who purchased and sold w/o Samsung warranty. Another Complaint: ST sold me a CDMA phone that pull from Verizon towers without telling us that Verizon lost their lease on all the local CorrWireless Towers and AT&T had won the lease on all those towers and had just built a very large Tower in Ark City so that their coverage was fantastic and Verizon sucks. Is told this I would have bought a GSM phone and headed for from AT&T Towers. So I have very little service in our rural areas where I do a lot of filming of events. My Profession: Pro Video/Audio Production and IT & Build my own custom computers. My Opinion: Straight Talk has "HORRIBLE, RUDE AND INCOMPETENT CUSTOMER SERVICE", "SCAMS", "LIES" and couldn't care less about their custimers by not standing behind their product. And "Rip-Off Consumers of Hard Earned Money". I still have original packaging original receipt and phone still looks brand new. Phone was never dropped never been with and very expensive equipment as well as musical instruments and care for all of them very well and a phone is no different because it's an investment. When you spend $350 for a phone you expect to get something that works and if it doesn't you expect the company to give you a credit and you will expect an American company to have customer service Representatives who can speak English as their first language so you can understand them instead of people from India halfway across the world answering their phones. All straight talk does it make huge markups closeout model cell phones they purchase in bulk by the thousands. They are not interested in customer retention.
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Samsung Electronics Galaxy S 3 Cell Phone
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