Samsung Electronics Wa5451anw Washing Machine Reviews

Samsung Electronics - Samsung washer RUSTING
Like many others, the area around the bleach dispenser on our Samsung WA5451ANW washing machine began to show signs of rusting after just two years. We were told by a service man this was a design issue Samsung had addressed in models after this one. Now are less than five years old, areas are starting to rust through even after we tried porcelain repair paint to slow it down and brushed it down to metal. Samsung support does not exist. ...
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I didn't like
  • Poor product quality
  • Premature rusting
  • Claim no issues
Our Samsung washer model#WA5451ANW XAA 02 has been rusting since within 6 months of the brand new purchase. Unfortunately, as two busy/working parents, we have ignored the issue which is now a few years into owning the machine and it looks absolutely HORRIBLE. It's unfortunate that Samsung doesn't stand by the quality of their products or consume satisfaction since it appears that on all reviews I've read, they are not resolving any of the...
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