My Samsung Galaxy S3 was working perfectly ever since yesterday evening when I arrived home from work. I looked at the phone and noticed it was asking to do a wifi update to the newest version. I accepted the update and monitored the download. Upon completion, it said it would need to restart and I agreed. After the restart, the phone booted up to the point where the Samsung logo displayed and was stuck. I waited for about 20 minutes and the logo stayed, illuminated. I tried a soft reset, but it came to the same point and froze again. I read online to go to the recovery mode and do a hard reset and wipe the system back to factory default, so I did this a well. I rebooted the phone and I was back to the Samsung logo again and stuck. I ended up taking the phone to the AT&T service center to find out if I was still within the 1 year warranty period and wouldn't you know it, my one year warranty expired last month. Kinda makes me think Samsung is behind this. Anyways, the people at the store were nice enough to hook the phone up to their system and reset everything and install the new update. After the update was complete and the phone was restored, the tech said that she had never seen this before....Apparently the phone did not accept the reset and she called the phone a "brick" - whatever that is. She said that the phone has an internal data problem and that the phone is unfixable even if I sent it to Samsung for repair. WTH! The phone was working perfect and now an update renders it useless? That can't be.

I spent countless hours on cellular forums trying to see if there was a fix to this issue. I am not technical in the least bit, but I figured it was worth a shot since now my excellent phone was useless except for as a paperweight. I was told to download a program called Odin and to upload a previous os version to the phone. I did what I was told by an online community and wouldn't you know it, my phone was fixed. This proves that Samsungs update caused my issues and forced me to purchase a new phone, the Galaxy S4 for the non-renewal price of around $500. How often does Samsung do this to other people? How easy is it for them to send you an update to render your phone useless? According to the lady at the AT&T Service Center, updates damage phones quite often, so this can't just be happening to me.

Phone Information: Samsung Galaxy S3 Model: SGH-I747 16GB

What my phone was showing after the update...

Recovery Mode Information:

Image: Dead Robot with Red Triangle (!)

E:failed to mount / system (no such file or directory

can't mount ' /system(no such file or directory)

E:failed to mount /data (No such file or directory)

can't mount '/data' (No such file or directory)

" " /system "

" " /cache "

" " mount/cache/recovery/log

" ' open/cache/recovery/log

And on and on and on.....

Review about: Samsung Electronics Repair.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Houston, Texas, United States #712223

The auto update actually happened on on August 21, 2013.The above was posted throughout several forums in an attempt to find solutions.

Samsung was contacted, but I would be required to send the unit in for repair (even though they caused the issue).

I can't be without my work phone, so I was "forced" to purchase another phone.

to MexTex #782191

hey man.i got the exact same problem as yours right now.

just updated to the latest android 4.3 and then it wont boot up. i've also did cache wipe and data reset but still there.

can u tell me step by step how u fix your phone?really appreciate ur help.

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