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Contacted Samsung for the repair of my television (Not even a year old yet). It was having serious ghosting and light bleeding through the panel on every source affecting the enjoyment of watching anything on the TV (Keep in mind it is doing this NOT from the corners but through elsewhere in the panel).

The repair company hired by Samsung to do the repairs in my area suggested a "Panel replacement" to fix the issue. Samsung denied the repair and in the same breath says "The problem", yes they said problem, "Can not be rectified" BUT is working within Samsung's parameters. What a load ***! Lying Idiots.

They just don't want to pay for the repair and ultimately, stand behind their products! I will NEVER recommend a Samsung product of any type NOR own another one of their products again. I warn all consumers to take note that the complaints lodged against Samsung mentioned are valid!

There are reputable companies out there like LG, Sharp etc. that DO STAND BEHIND their products.

Product or Service Mentioned: Samsung Electronics Tv.

Monetary Loss: $1700.

  • Un60es7100
  • Samsung tv ghosting and flash ligh
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Columbia, Kentucky, United States #765030

Samsung does not make the most reliable of products in my experience. Best to throw this one out and buy something like a Panasonic.

If you can find a telly made in Japan---look online or on the back of sets in the store---you will do much better. Most products made in Japan are built much better than products made elsewhere.

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