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Update by user Oct 21, 2013

An update, After contact twice with the California Attorney generals office, I received a full refund from Samsung. when they called me, they said they had a meeting and would return the cost of the refrigerator AND the $255.00 in taxes.

According to them they never return the taxes. I had to buy another refrig. at a higher costs and would have spent over 500 in taces. Wasn;t right and I refused their version of "full refund" until I got the taxes.

It was a long ordeal and should never have been.

My advise, don't buy SamSung. They have no customer service once you buy their products.

Original review posted by user Jul 03, 2012

I recently purchased a samsung french door, bottom freezer and the trouble began within a month or two and has continued the entire 1st year. I recently learned that the company has sold refrigerators since 2005 with defected coils which freeze and the refrigerator cannot maintain temperature.

A class action suit was filed in 2010 by consumers. In addition to purchasing a Lemon at Sears, the repair company has been a nightmare. Numerous losses of entire freezer and refrigerator full of food, damage to floors and loss of days of out time waiting for a repair company that may or may not show and never within the scheduled timeframe. what a nightmare.

Buy a Samsung phone, but never a refrigerator.

They have spent millions to off-set the reality of their product including marketing the refrigerators as "Excellent for temperature control" when they are anything but that. Hopefully, the class action lawsuit will expose this fraud by Samsung and the Companies that continue to sell this defected product.

Product or Service Mentioned: Samsung Electronics Refrigerator.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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Can the freezer problem cause a fire???


"Had" a 3 year old French Door Samsung, Ice maker and water unit never worked correctly, then the twin cooling unit repeatedly froze up rendering refrigerator food wasted. NEVER, EVER buy a Samsung.

Useless P.O.S.

Today I had this piece of crap hauled away. Loss of thousands on refrigerator, repairs and food.


Samsung french door with snack drawer, no good and worthless don't buy it , Conn's on hy 10 in Katy off Fry Rd. Store Mgr.

Sam 282 646 0209, bad customer service, I would not recommend this store to no body, store mgr. refused to work out my problem after a 10 year relationship.Pastor Danny Richard


How can I get in on the class action lawsuit? I bought a Samsung French door with snack drawer and bottom freezer in October of 2015 and have had the ice maker replaced, but the new ice maker is doing the same thing after 6 months. Spent too much money on this thing to just sit back and take it.


I have a French door bottom freezer Samsung. Bought at Conns.

Nothing but problems, of course warranty expired. No help from Conns or Samsung.looking for info on any redress available


My daughter bought a new Samsung refrigerator a year and half ago and nothing but trouble don't buy one. She is going to file a lawsuit


I need to join this lawsuit. I have a RF265ABBP that was purchased in 2010.

The coils freeze over, motor runs very loud and then it stops cooling. Have had multiple repair men and now they are telling me to join the lawsuit because Samsung built faulty refrigerators.

Please let me know. Thank you.


I have the same issue with a three year old fridge. The ice build up next to the fan, it makes some noise and stop cooling.can you please advise how I can join the class action lawsuit. Thanks!


I also have a crappie Samsung refrigerator that the coils freeze up which cause water to drip in Veg. Draw and because of that ice maker doesn't work correctly, always have broken ice or chips.


I have had nothing but problems out of this Samsung refrigerator. My husband paid more than $1000 for it.

We have had it repaired at least 4 times.

The coils constantly freeze up. I've lost several dollars in food.


Purchased Samsung French drawer refrigerator/freezer. Door handles and drawer handle are screwed in and PAINTED.

Within a week the paint began to chip, flake and fall off. Contacted Sears. They did nothing but refer me to Samsung who referred me to part manufacturer who referred me back to Samsung. Finally got one new door handle and one drawer handle out of them.

Husband took the old ones off and sprayer them with white Rustoleum epoxy.

Now they're peeling, too, so we'll sand them and paint again. WE WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER SAMSUNG PRODUCT OF ANY SORT.


I have a rs265tdwp that has had the freezing up problem since 6/2013. I bought it from Lowes on memorial day, now my freezer doesn't work.

Does anyone know if there is another class action suit.


I am a member of this " Samsung refrigerator" nightmare. My advice is to file with the Better Business Bureau.

File a complaint with your States attorney general. If we all raise enough stink, something may come of this.

What do we have to lose? We've already lost tons of money on this piece of ***!


The phones aren't any better and the service is the same. Non-existent.


How do i submit a complaint to the California Attorney General. I have a Samsung side by side model RS265TDRS I purchased less than one year ago.

currently my refrigerator is at 59 degrees and my freezer has now reach -26 degrees. This is horrible.

I'm very upset.


So glad I found this link! thank you for all the comments, specially jean350 for the tip on contacting Texas AG.

We purchased our refrigerator back in Nov 2009! would have been perfect for the 2010 lawsuit! They definitely should have done a recall! We just started to see this exact defect, it has been almost 5 yrs!

I have written to AG pointing the fact this has been a known issue of the RF26X models. So we'll see!


Samsung doesn't recall unless it is mandated. When I asked how they could legally sell a phone (Galaxy 4) knowing there was a defect that caused it to burn the senior rep said, "There hasn't been a recall." I told him it takes someone dying before the government would recall something.

Then I asked if that is what they were waiting for. His response was, "With that said......" and moved on to another lie.


I have one of the Samsung refrigerators and have lost so much food and had to live out of coolers many times. We have replaced the circuit board and other things and this piece of garbage still doesn't work.

How do I get signed up for this law suit?



Kelsey if you find out how let me know. I have no fridge right now and lost close too $800 in food.

There service is horrible like they don't care. There sending someone out next Thursday. After reading all this *** online I ordered a fridge brand new that will be delivered Friday.

If they fix my 3 year old Samsung it will be going in gerage. There straight junk


I am writing in reference to an ongoing leakage issue with a dishwasher purchased in March 2013. I purchased the dishwasher knowing how well Samsung products were reliable and manufactured by a well know company.

I worked hard to save enough money to buy the "complete package" of kitchen appliance, and wanted nothing but the BEST in my eyes. I have always purchased Samsung products with never a disappointment or complaint until now. I had my dishwasher installed April 2013, due to waiting until the complete package could be purchased a little at a time. Installation was so exciting for me I had waited 14 years for new appliances.

In Oct 2013, my dishwasher stopped working and the "heavy" cycle button was blinking,so as a consumer I retrieve my owners manual,and it states leakage, with several options to try example holding the cancel/drain button down to reset, with no luck. I contacted customer service to schedule a repair the customer service scheduled my appointment for Oct 22,2013,almost 3 weeks later. The morning of my service call I called the company to get a "window" for repairs and was told the appointment was cancelled by Samsung. I then got back on the phone to follow up with Samsung immediately,they advised my appointment has been filled,and the tech could not make it.

The appointment was rescheduled for Oct 28,2013,at this time when the tech showed up,the dishwaher had dried the water from the leakage and reset itself,the tech did nothing to try to diagnose the problem and listed it as possible circuit board,and left my home. Approximately 4 months later the same issues started.I contacted Samsung again regarding this issue. This time it was 3 days out of warranty, they agreed to pay for parts only,I said that is not an option this is an ongoing issue, with arguing finally the agreed to send out a tech. March 15,2014 and tech came to my home and saw/found a leakage,and states tub stainless replace or sump assembly leaking,thats the part they ordered for follow up.March 25,2014 they replaced the sump assembly.

July 2014 the issues start again, this time Samsung would not send out a tech without me paying for labor fees,and would not give into your policies,after a long process and finally agreeing to pay,we scheduled another appointment for a different company to service my same issue as the beginning.This tech that arrived at my home states leaking at tub not repairable.Tech called tech line for replacement and to advise Samsung

I received a return authorization number and waited to here from Samsung, when no one called I called and was told sorry out of warranty we will add you to the buyback program. Unknown to the consumer this program is a depreciated value of the original purchase price. Further investigation I found my warranty that states Lifetime stainless door liner and tub for leakage, Samsung will replace your unit with same or current model that is better or equivalent in functionality.

I have contacted everyone possible about these issues,and am getting no results. Please help the everyday consumer be completely satisfied and feel secure that your company does believe you make the BEST products and stand behind the consumer and your products.I have had no luck.