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Update by user Jun 26, 2017

As of today, June 25th, it has now been 5 1/2 mos since our first contact with Samsung, multiple phone calls, multiple emailing, playing games with more repair service calls--of which we refused to pay for! We have learned and this is good for everyone to know, anytime you have an issue with an appliance and the appliance company sets up a repair place to do a service call, they have a contract with them, SO, what this means is---they only pay for the FIRST service call, all others are free of charge TO the appliance company!

So, anyone who had not stood up to them and paid for these service calls is being taken twice by the company if you look at this reality. If we buy a defective appliance, fight against taking any responsibility for paying a service call! We did from day one, and Samsung "covered" the cost, of course, after learning from the repair place this is all been another big lie from Samsung, the consumer pays out of pocket and there's no need to do this, because Samsung is never charged anyway. We have been living with tons of water collecting in the product bins, under the bins, and coming out onto the ledge in front of the bins, loud popping cracking sounds too.

And the bottom drawer freezer has developed icicles on top and at the front of the drawers frost too. When the last service call was done in April the entire back wall panel was frozen solid! The air flow is blocked badly according to the report and this was AFTER have 3 parts replaced, drain kit, heat sensor and evaporator coil assembly! These repairs did absolutely NOTHING, a waste of our time, our energy removing our food and losing much of it..

We have had it, and hope to be part of any class action lawsuit against Samsung now. We are waiting for a final process for a refund check to happen now, and believe this is only happening because we filed a formal complaint with our State's Attorney General, it's very EASY to do, just search for your states Atty General and follow the steps. Samsung then received our complaint and this has made something change with them. They are still slow as molasses and hoping we get frustrated and stop contacting them, but, that hasn't happened and will not happen.

Take pictures of the problems in the fridge, document every call and service call and details of what was done, what was said, etc. This will come in handy for a future class action lawsuit. We have talked with a lawyer suing Samsung about their ice makers in their refrigerators, and he said keeping a written log is VITAL for you to recover any compensation, so be diligent with that part..

We will update on when we receive the refund check, so we can finally move on with our lives and end this horrible abusive relationship we never asked to have with a major appliance company. What is sad is that we are still seeing these refrigerators being sold in many appliance stores, so that is an issue too, When we shop for a replacement, we will let the salesman and store know the huge problems we've lived with and ask them not to stock Samsung brands...

Original review posted by user May 12, 2017

We bought a french door refrigerator January 2015, within 12 days, it stopped cooling, and the store we bought it from, ABT, was not responding very urgently, considering our family of five have a need to store our perishable foods! So, that was a bit of a hassle and more than a few phone calls and a fight, and it was finally replaced with the same design, but this model#RF20HFENBBC.

We started hearing loud cracking, grinding, popping noises in December of 2016, but, had read "these are normal sounds"..okay then..MAYBE.. By early January, we noticed water collecting in the crispers/produce bins, so called Samsung, and they had the audacity to suggest "releveling the front of the fridge"! seriously, so my husband tried it, knowing it was nonsense,,Did NOTHING of course. We are now still fighting with them and this is May 12, 2017, numerous phone calls back and forth with Samsung, they set us up with a very substandard repair shop called Unique Repair in the Chicago suburbs, terrible customer service and reliability.

We complained and insisted on someone else for our service call, assuming it would be ONE service call..They tried to make us pay for the call, and we said no way, this is a defective unit, you need to cover these expenses..That was also a big fight, but, they paid.. Since that time in February, we are now on service call number FIVE, have had the drain kit, heat sensor and evaporator coil and assembly ALL replaced..Yet, Samsung insists we need to "try and repair" this piece of junk! Each service call is a new hassle, a new fight, and they act as if it's our first call to them, and we have to insist on them covering the next call again and again. They have been caught lying to us numerous times, and in March we thought we were resolving this with a #511 ticket saying to finally replace this unit..But, no one ever called us back to confirm, and when we did call them, they denied this, so back to square one.

They will cancel service tickets just because, and do not seem to care that we are losing food, because we've had to defrost our fridge now twice..what do they care, oh, "just put the food in some bins with ice." really?! We have filed a formal complaint with our states Attorney General here in Illinois and have received a response from them as of this date, saying our complaint has been forwarded to Samsung by our state and we "might receive an offer or compensation, and to accept any reasonable offer." Reasonable is refunding our money and taking this unit out of our home. We have a log of over 20 calls to Samsung, and a number back and forth to the repair place because of the games being played with service tickets being cancelled for no apparent reason. We have dates, names and plan to type it all in a long email and /or print it and mail by snail mail to Samsung's Corporate office so someone there can read how badly their customers have been treated.

We are beyond stressed out, fit to be tied and disgusted with this company! Make sure if you are stuck with one of their crappy appliances that you keep a detailed log! Keep dates, times, names of who you talked to, ticket numbers too..It may help you in the future and a protection for your case. Anyone can file a formal complaint with their State's Attorney General in the consumer fraud division or consumer complaints, and, so easy to search for this department on the Web.

Others who have filed have been able to get their appliance replaced from what we've read online...It's worth a try and to expose them for their terrible attitude and lack of ethics.. We now have new problems since the 3 repairs, the crispers now are freezing shut, with a layer of ice underneath them, water is pooling on the ledge in front of the crispers, icicles are forming on the top and front bottom freezer drawer too. The freezer food has a moist frost on the food items, not freezing completely too.. Avoid Samsung appliances!

They are lemons, and our repair guy said they have a constant list of repairs going on for this brand alone.. We wish we would've gone with another brand after returning the FIRST refrigerator, but, we didn't realize this was a massive problem with all of these units!

Product or Service Mentioned: Samsung Electronics Rf20hfenbbc Refrigerator.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $1300.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Company wrote 0 private or public responses to the review from May 12, 2017.
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