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Sub: - Refusal of Samsung to Repair the Phone under warranty

Dear Sir,

I have recently purchased a Samsung Note 2 worth Rs 28000/-, This phone has started giving me troubles since Last one month , when I approached Samsung India for Refund or Repair of this mobile phone this reputed electronic Giant is saying that the Phone is Faulty on account of Moisture /sweat. The Plea of this electronic giant appears to be a regular affair and they have trained there service stations /Franchises are using it quite often to save the Repair Charges on the phone. They want to trouble Innocent customers (1) by first enticing them to purchase such expensive phones (2) and thereafter refusing to service the defectives phones even when the phone is under warranty

Sir I had purchased this phone keeping in mind the reputation of this leading electronic giant. I had a firm belief that any issues with the Phone this reputed electronic giant will service the phone in no time. It has been constant follows ups with customer care, escalations to CEO’s office and visiting their service station for the last 20 +days no action has been taken. After talking to few more Samsung customers in my office, there experience has been the same. Many of them swear not to take “Samsung brand phone” due to pathetic after sale service experience with similar excuse /plea given when the phone is required to be serviced by Samsung at their cost.

That I have taken adequate care of this handset and there is no question of any moisture getting inside the phone set to the best of my knowledge. I would request your good self to help me in getting refund for the phone and also the damages that I had to suffer for not being able to use this phone since last 30 + days.

That I know for a fact that no water/Moisture has gone inside the phone. I was shown some whitish coating at a point on one of the boards inside the phone. That could have been there earlier also when the phone was working fine, perhaps at the time of manufacturing or assembly of phone. Despite the fact that my phone is under warranty (i had purchased the phone on Jan 2015), i am being asked to pay about 25% of my phone cost as repair charges.

"It is very strange that an expensive mobile handset which is used by hands and is being designed for the weather conditions became defective through the hands' sweat or moisture inside the panel.

Besides this there is no proof that the moisture is the main reason for the defect, there must be some manufacturing defect in the phone since

(1) The phone is working and only the Microphone is not working for which I had purchased a Blue tooth device again at my cost, when the battery started discharging I approached service station

(2) If a charged battery is added it starts working

Even after giving Samsung service Center enough opportunities by calling them on toll free number , writing e-mails to solve the problem ( attached) , Personally handing over the complaint to the service station Dwarka Delhi , they have failed to rectify/replace hence it a clear Indication not to service the consumer. Samsung is asking a sum of Rs 7500 + ( ~ 40% + cost of the Instrument now ) for the Repair of the phone even when the phone is under warranty, with no fault from my side I am seeking help of this reputed forum to help me in getting my money back from Samsung.


Rajesh Koul

Mobile -9873298421

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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