We purchased our 42 inch plasma samsung tv in december 2006 for $1699 plus tax. July 2012 our tv caught on fire.

Fortunately, we were right there when it happened and were able to contain the fire. After 2 1/2 weeks of calling in to the ECR, executive customer relations, we were told that they were not going to do any repairs or be able to offer any compensation for the tv as it is out of its 5 year warranty. The tv caught on fire, could have harmed my family and burned my house down, and there was not attempt on their part to make the situation right.

This is deplorable that a company would have such horrific customer service! We will never buy another samsung product again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Samsung Electronics Tv.

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Same happened to us last night. Samsung night mare

Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States #1254212

We bought a 50" 4K Samsung UHD Smart TV from Best Buy. We have had problems sine the first weekend we had it, but Samsung said it was in the programming.

We bought their response, no big deal. 3 weeks later our brand new 3 week old TV went up in flames. It fried our desktop computer that was connected to it, our cable box, a whole bunch of cords, and our new Samsung receiver/DVD player. Since they told us everything would be okay we hooked our cable box into a Vizio TV that wasn't anywhere near the situation and it fried that TV too!

Sparks were flying out of the other TV out cable box and the outlet. We had an electrician look at our home to check everything out and it was all routed back to the Samsung TV. Samsung will be replacing everything damaged (whether they like it or not).

We were lucky we were home and got the fire under control and out without any damage to our home or anyone of us or our animals hurt. The TV was manufactured in November of 2016 and bough in the same month.

Lafayette, Louisiana, United States #867845

samsung UN46D6400UF led tv bought new 2.5 years ago with only a one year warranty (i guess they are really proud of this product) last night a part of it on the screen reached 190 degrees Fahrenheit! and lines appeared across the screen.

I am surprised it did not burst into flames.

worst money I EVER spent, customer service could care less. I put my faith in the quality of their product, I should have realized that a one year warranty is a good reflection of the actual quality.

Never again samsung, what a joke 1400.00 blowing in the wind.

my Mitsubishi crt is still going strong

Louisville, Kentucky, United States #695620

My tv from same brand and same year caught fire last night and we were sleeping luckily smelled the burning rubber smell and woke up.

Midland, Texas, United States #674051

We bought our Samsung in December 2009 and July 1st 2013 it also started on fire. My husband I were the ones watching it.

I am curious who to call and report this to. I am sure samsung wont care but somebody should be documenting this, Right?


why don't leave samsung reference number here, you may get response to them. i did respond from them day after i post here.


why don't leave samsung reference number here, you may get response to them. i did respond from them day after i post here.

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