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Well lets see where do i begin!!!

brand new samsung tv barely 4weeks old has lines that cut thru the picture after only 4 times of using!!!, i call samsung support they send a sub contracted tech out to take pictures and do a report, that tech sends report and picture back to samsung, the engineer at samsung based on the picture makes the determination that my tv has physical damage, the tech put in his report which i got at my request that there some sort of internal pressure damage, then how does a engineer sitting at a desk determine the fact that my tv has physical damage without him actually coming here and based on a photograph, i am livid with samsung!!!,

i should have bought a sony or any other brand tv way better customer service!!!, i am reading that many people have had the same problem with all the samsung tvs, internal combust from thermal heat and customers are being blamed for physical damage,

samsung is saying it cost a lot to repair a $400 dollar tv, it cost more to repair then to build and advertise and sell this tv!!!, who are they kidding??? there is no physical damage to my tv, and samsung wants to swindle there way out to say there is physical damage to the tv, when the problem is internal???!!! now they want a second opinion gave me a whole new ticket number for another tech to come out again, , , , , why??? whats going on here!!! I was routed over to so many wrong departments, hung up on, then told that all the other reps didn't want to tell me it was physical damage??!! i called them and asked what is the specific criteria as a engineer sits at his desk and determines that a tv has physical damage based on a photo graph, no response! they dont know how to answer me!! there is no cracks, no black spots, no spider lines, then whats the deal here its a internal issue why doesn't Samsung want to take care of there customers!!

So after i complained on BBB.org someone by the name of April called me to ask for additional pictures and to see how she can assist me!

This was her response after she received pictures via email:


Good afternoon. I have reviewed your account as well as the images provided and regretfully must inform you that the images do show a point of impact.

This damage was caused by an external force hitting the front of the TV and as such, is not covered under warranty. This impact could have also been a pressure point as well, which can be caused from applying a forceful amount of pressure to that area. I do

show that we have already assigned this to a service center and have submitted for a panel replacement review. The service center did verify that the damage is considered physical damage. I understand that you don’t agree with our process. Unfortunately, this

is unmovable.

Again, I apologize for any inconvenience this situation may have caused you and want to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to assist you as a valued

Samsung customer.



April Allen | Office of the President

Samsung Electronics America, Inc.

105 Challenger Road, Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660

(T) 888-480-5675 ext. 30418 | april.allen@partner.sea.samsung.com

Now this was my Response to her email to me, and by the way no reply!!


I would like to know based on the photos how have u come to the conclusion that there was external force applied to the tv?...What is Samasung criteria to decide that there was physical damage done to this tv so that its not covered under warranty on a brand new tv barely a month old!! there are straight lines horizontally,no spider lines, no dark spots,no black outs,no damage to the top of the screen indicating any physical force...this tv was built with an internal issue!!! it happened before i got it!

Ofcourse the problem began somewhere or else i wouldnt have this issue but any damage was not done by me, I dont have pets,kids or anything i work long hours and the tv sits on a stand as u can see! This showed up on my screen after a handful of times of using it!

tv is barely 4weeks oldthis is a manufacturing,packaging issue, not negligence on my part!

yes there was a tech sent out and they sent pictures same like u asked me to send to you... and the engineer at samsung based on pictures like yourself decided it was physical damage!

This is unnacceptable I recieved a faulty Tv that has damage to it.

HOW CAN THIS ISSUE BE UNMOVABLE A BRAND NEW TV WITH AN INTERNAL DEFECT BUILT BY SAMSUNG...and Samsung is unwilling to provide customer service to a paying customer with a tv that has screen issues????

Not happy at allI want answers

Now i want to know is April an engineer, who looked at the pictures to determine it wont be covered, I want to see all documents relating to my issue, just sick, sick of Samsung worst customer service, horrible product, Im so ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!


Product or Service Mentioned: Samsung Electronics Tv.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $500.


I didn't like: Getting the runaround every time, Quality, Can not get to a manager, Dont stand behind their products, Question after question after question after question.

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