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Bought a Samsung French Door refrigerator in August 2011. Had them come out 3 times (April - May 2012) as it was frosting in the freezer, on 3rd technician visit, tech recommended (in writing) that the refrigerator be replaced. Samsung would not do it on the grounds "the retailer does not participate in our exchange program". Ok, but that's not my issue. They asked I give them my cc number, cut the cord, send the cord and the serial number label to them, then I might get a check in 2-4 weeks. Samsung's internal refund policy states you must do the above to get a refund, but the warranty just says "repair or replace at our option". Samsung would do neither.

I took them to small claims court and just won a judgement for over the value of the fridge for removal, etc.

Don't let them push you around, take them to court!!! Their internal policy has nothing to do with the warranty agreement/contract between you and Samsung. I believe there is grounds for a class action lawsuit here.

Product or Service Mentioned: Samsung Electronics Refrigerator.

Monetary Loss: $1700.

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Samsung is the worst consumer I have ever had business with and BBB should do something about them they have been legal crooks to long the American people should not allow this to go on why do we pay Samsung for a warranty they will not refund even when there own people tell Samsung to they cant fix the product and request them to refund the customer after 20 phone conversations also emails cut the cord peel off the sticker 3 to 6 months of this and still no refund we called 7 on your side news Samsung finally called us and said check is in the mail but 3 weeks now and the lying Samsung payed nothing they are lying legal crooks why does the BBB let this continue ???? Samsung crooks


I am having the exact same problem with a Samsung French door refrigerator. I bought an extended warranty that says it will replace it if a repair guy says its unrepairable.

The last repair guy will say that, so I'm about to go down that route. Not hopeful. Any advice on filing small claims suit would be appreciated.

Ron. rfbeaton@gmail.com


How do you take such a large out of state corporation to small claims court? Who do you send notice to to come to court?


We are having the exact same issue~! Bought in Nov 2011, now having frost in the freezer.

Repairman has said its most likely the seal, 5 different answers from Samsung. Told us nOT to call an unauthorized repairman as it would void the warranty but THEN said they would give us a prorated refund, after cutting cord, removing serial label and sending to them.

Now i"m wondering if its worth it or if they will not send a refund. Might to have to seek counsel!