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I can't get over how many people are having trouble with their Samsung DLP TV's.They say misery loves company but I'd rather have my 61 inch Samsung working.

I turn it on, the time it takes to happen varies for the picture to turn pink and green. Sometimes it takes about a half and hour and sometimes it takes and hour or two. But it never fails. The picture turns green and pink.

The tv is only four years old. I just want to get rid of it. I've never been ripped off so blatantly. and It only worked for four years.

$3000.00 one down the drain. I've gone to other forums and they all are overflooded with complaints about Samsung DLP TV. This is TV is junk.

I want my money back!Yeah right....

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We bought our Samsung 5 disk home surround sound system at the same time as our dlp tv and here, 5 years later, both of them have taken a dump.We will NEVER buy anything Samsung again.

I am surprised this hasn't hot the news yet. If there is any word about a law suit, we are in. Really upset. We replaced the lamp 18 months ago on our own and when I had called to find out what was even wrong, they said it's too bad we didn't have white dots or everything would be taken care of.

Well, now we have white dots. This really needs to be taken care of. Samsung is really upsetting a lot of people.

Obviously things don't last forever but, I feel like we are being punished because we watch less TV and it took longer for our white spots to appear.And the surround sound DVD player is just filling a spot on the entertainment shelf that reminds us how disappointing their products are.


I will never ever buy another Samsung product


This sounds like a simple fix, depending on when you last replaced your lamp, if at all?With DLP TV's there is routine maintenance that must be done,ex.

changing the lamp, making sure that there is no dust build up on the inside, changing the color wheel and many others. That is the downfall to having a DLP, probably one of the reasons that most companies don't make them anymore. This also is not told by the sales reps, remember they are there to make a commission off of people, so why would they tell you that the unit would require routine fixing? Especially since the lamp cost $180 to $250, and remember that a lamp is just like a light bulb there is no set lifespan for them, depends on the use of the unit and if proper care has been taking with the unit (cleaning out the vents, ensuring that the unit has proper ventilation so that it doesn't over heat.) Oh, and a recommendation, go to and type in any other TV manufacture out there with the word complaint behind it and you will see complaints about all of them.

It's a sad sad world that we live in where people can posts complaints about being out of warranty and wanting free repairs....just like with McDonald's and being sued for the coffee being to hot, or the cigarette companies being sued because smoking gives cancer, there is no personal responsibility anymore, lets plan other people for everything.

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