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I bought a 61" Samsung TV around May of 2009, aroung Nov 2011 it showed its first spot. We stoped using the tv for a while when we moved out of State.

So when we started to use it again in April 2012 it began to get more spots. By Aug 2012 it was completly uncomfortable to even watch ther were just to many of them. To make matters worse by Thanksgiving weekend 2012 the bulb went out and ther it went. I had called Samsung around Aug to complain about the spots and all they said was, that my model was not on their list of the TV's they were covering to have repaired , so I was left with no choice but to have to pay out of pocket.

However they did offer to find me the nearest repair place availible closest to my place of residence. Idiots, like I cant do that myself! To pay over $1800 on this tv and then be expected to pay out of pocket for the repairs especially after such a short amount of time, is more ridiculous. I bought a Samsung Seriously thinking that I was getting a quality product.

Boy was I SO WRONG!

I think the worse part is that Samsung kept selling their product even tho they were aware of this defect. Needless to say I am completly furious, I have this useless 61" television sitting in my garage and Samsung refuses to take care of the problem.

Review about: Samsung Electronics Tv.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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