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Dear Sir,

I have Samsung split air conditioner which was purchased about 3 & 1/2 years back. I had requested for repair of a fault on Samsung helpline on 24th May'13. My complaint number is 8427136211. There is no one to resolve the complaint till date.

Please go thru the sequence of events to understand my level of pain:-

24th May'13

1. Complaint lodged on Samsung helpline number around 1pm

2. Received a call around 3pm that a service engr will call & tie-up a time & visit before 8pm

3. Received a call from service centre around 5.30pm that it will be attended the next day on 25th May by 10am

25th May'13

1. No one called & came till 11am

2. Called Samsung helpline number (it was busy) & called the service centre many times from 11am but no one answered

3. Called service centre at 3pm & then lady told that service engr will visit in 10 minutes

4. Service engr came around 3.30pm & told this is work of service engr who looks after Gas related issues & told that it will be attended the next day on 26th May'13

5. Called Samsung service centre & reconfirmed that service engr shall work on Sunday & they confirmed that person shall visit between 10am & 11am

26th May'13

1. Till 12pm no one attended

2. Called service centre again but his number was continuously busy.

3. Called Manager of Service centre & he told that I was given wrong information that service engr works on Sundays

4. Service Manager confirmed that service engineer shall come on 27th May'13 (Monday) between 10am & 11am

27th May'13

1. Again no one called & again I had to call Samsung service centre. Service centre number was continuously busy. Service manager number was continuously busy.

2. Finally I reported my complaint on Samsung website on technical support / executive support & general support.

3. Finally got a call from Samsung executive support division around 5pm that tomorrow (28th May'13) my complaint will be attended

4. Received a call from Samsung service engr that he will visit between 10am & 11am today.

28th May'13

1. No one called since morning & no one turned up for the repair

2. Called service engr who had confirmed that he would come between 10am & 11am & he told that he is not well so I need to speak to service manager.

3. Called service manager & his number was continuously busy.

4. Again called your service centre & they connected me to the service manager again & he told that he will check for some person who can attend to my complaint

5. During the call he did not give any time frame of attending the complaint & told he shall get back to me.

6. He did not call me the entire day & till today he has not called me

7. Submitted complaint on Samsung technical support / general support / email to CEO's office

8. No one responded to any message of mine

29th May'13

1. Received a call from the office at Noida & told that service engineer will visit today (29th May'13).

2. Service Engineer came & told that there are 2 faulty parts & these parts are not available. He told that he will have to check & he shall get back by today (30th May'13) by 11am.

3. A lady called from CEO's office that a senior person from the company shall call & resolve the complaint within 24 hours.

4. No one has called till now.

30th May'13

1. Waiting since morning for the service engineer to call / attend to my complaint.

2. Sent message to email to CEO's office & there is no response from them also.

Do you think that any person who has gone through so much misery & pain will ever buy a Samsung product???? I am one customer of Samsung who shall never ever buy any Samsung product in my life & also I shall ensure that no other person known to me ever buys a Samsung product. It is a general request to all people in the world to never buy a Samsung product as they are the worst after sales service providers.

Even the CEO of such a big company does not respond to customers grievance & they take it very lightly. The level of response is so poor that every person is least bothered to attend & resolve the query.


Pushkar Bali

New Delhi - India

Review about: Samsung Electronics Repair.

Monetary Loss: $760.

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