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DON'T BUY A SAMSUNG WASHING MACHINE! Defective workmanship/shoddy clamps!

Update by user Apr 22, 2014

Only Two Years Old - Two floods!

Original review posted by user Apr 22, 2014

I bought this super capacity washer since I do A LOT of wash. I have an upstairs washer and dryer and this washer flooded my house TWICE!!!

OH, MY GOSH! I HATE THIS MACHINE. The tube connected to the basin is attached with a cheap clamp and it came off TWICE. I was assured it would not do this again when it was serviced by a "certified" Samsung rep.

WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! I hate Samsung Washers!

I am going to have it serviced again and then have it moved to my garage where I will sell it used. I ordered a front load washer - and, yes, you guessed it! IT IS NOT SAMSUNG!

NEXT STOP, COURT! So, don't buy this SAMSUNG product unless you like waterfalls in your house!

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I agree,don't like Samsung washing machines.Just bought the 5.0 high efficient washer and tub is to deep,can't reach cloths like socks,etc.I tried reaching in tub before i bought and thought it was fine till i tried to get cloths out.I went back and tried other Samsung high efficient versions,to deep also.

to val #809386

I would double clamp tube under machine - it was the deep model that flooded my home, when it agitates, it comes loose. And, yes, I felt like I was falling in when I was doing my laundry.

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